Childlike or Childish?

Sometimes I need to be reminded that my stoic rationalism is unholy. Lest I be decieved that my melancholy should be equated with righteousness or realism, I sometimes need an electric shock to my system reminding me that am to become like a child. I was never much of a fiction or fantasy person. I would much rather sit down with a theoretical work. But in my old age (my thirties), I have been gravitating to more stories, and I think it is because I am finding in them much deeper and more lasting truths than in any exposition I could read. Recently, on a long drive from RI to AZ, I was able to "listen" to several good ded peepl. Here they are as my recommendations to you, who struggle, as I do, with stoicism, with taking yourself to seriously, with being too mature. A little something thing to remind you that becoming childlike might also mean becoming a little more childish.

Manalive G.K. Chesterton. I know! It's like a broken record for me, but I think I can safely say that this book in some way has saved my life. I think this one needs to be a yearly read for me.

The Golden Key George MacDonald. A lesson in yearning from the fairy land, where two children find themselves on a quest to find the land "from whence the shadows fall"

The Shadows George MacDonald. You may never look at a shadow the same.

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll. Refresh the wonder of a world seen through a child's eyes.


Under Composition said...

Brett Berger,

A friend sent me an essay written by a "Brett Berger" back in 2008 about the election that year. It began with a reminder of the biblical command to "Do not fear." I am trying to trace the author, so I can give due credit, for it is well worth sharing. Are you the author of this essay? Thank you!

Brett Berger said...

Thank you for the encouragement! Sorry this is so delayed! That was me! Who did you get it from? Did you get it back in 2008 or more recently?


Dwight said...

Hey, good to hear from you! I am glad we made connection.

I heard your essay read (in part) by a friend in church over the time of this recent federal election--2012. He had received it by email from a friend, but was unable to trace the source. I thought it was so good that I posted it on FB, with a link to your page, hoping I had found the right person. :-)

God bless you for sharing the truth in love in such soaring prose.

Grace and peace,